B.B.Q. On The BLVD

It was awesome to see how many people were out at the B.B.Q. On The Blvd. This is an awesome event every year. It just keeps getting better and better! And the tasting…. Oh my goodness! I think I was ten pounds heavier by the time I left!

Playing a little corn hole with my son Tyler. That boy is something else. He wins every time!

Got us some B.B.Q. pulled pork sandwich plates from Kids for Christ. I ate all of mine and half of Leia’s! There went my diet today. But hey, everybody needs a cheat day every now and then. Thanks B.B.Q. On The BLVD. and Kids for Christ for a great afternoon meal!

I look forward to events like this every year. It brings us all together by giving us a fun venue to socialize. Good friends, good meat, good gracious, lets eat!!

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