National Night Out

Thank you so much for the warm welcomes!

Tonight I was able to visit with many of you in ward 4. The welcome(awesome food and hugs) that Officer Kelly and I received was very heartwarming and humbling. Everyone was so nice and engaging. I love to hear stories of your families and things going on in your lives. Talk that’s relatively free of politics and filled with family stories of the past and present.

I enjoy so much being able to get out and visit with you each year as we come together on National Night Out. Clinton is a growing, prospering city that has been able to wonderfully preserve it’s home town feel. That and schools are the largest reasons Leia and I moved here to raise our family. It’s the reason why I ran for this position. Serving you in this capacity is rewarding and challenging…. But always worth every moment.

Visiting with you tonight, even though most talk was light, I did listen to the concerns expressed. I heard you, and will be addressing signage in The Briars concerning littering. Also, signage for The Briars at other entrances and the legal aspects of trying to make that work. Since The Briars are split between my colleague Alderman Cashion and I, I will make sure to work closely with him on these issues and try my best to come to a timely resolution. In Twin Lakes, there are issues with holes under and around a drain/drains. I will make sure to contact Mr. Shelby about this and see if that isn’t something we can get looked at and resolved. As I understand, there has been work already done, but seems to not be working and the problem seems to be reoccurring.

Lastly, to the awesome lady(so sorry I don’t remember your name) in Cascades that let me try her moms homemade ice-cream recipe……. OH MY GOODNESS! I’m still talking about it. No take away from the rest of the good food I had tonight, but that was the treat of the week!

I hope y’all have a wonderful rest of the week! Thank you for an awesome night!


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